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Review of the Future Leaders course: Q&A with Joyce Harper

24 July 2015

Last year, representatives from Women's Health (Judith Stevenson, Joyce Harper), Child Health (Shamima Rahman) and Clinical Trials & Methodology (Ab Babiker) attended the Future leaders programme, and we witnessed as a Faculty just how transformative the course was for those involved.

Joyce-harper We asked Joyce Harper from the Institute for Women's Health to answer a few short questions about her experience: 

Why did you sign up to the Future Leaders course?

I have been working in several leadership roles and felt that I could learn how to do this more effectively if I went on the course.  I tried to get on the first cohort and was very happy when I got onto cohort 3.

What is the value of taking a Future Leaders course?

I learnt something at every session.  It made me think about my leadership style, my professional profile, how to lead effectively and to understand that people have different personality profiles.

What did you personally get out of it?

It has given me the confidence to lead on two major projects outside my research  area and motivated me to think big.   I am known as an expert in my research field but now I want to be known globally as an expert in Women's Health.  

What would you say to someone thinking of applying?

I think everyone should do this course - you will definitely benefit from it.

FPHS hope for 6 places to be available to staff or the 2015/16 programme. We believe this is an opportunity to support succession planning and equality objectives and encourage Institutes to advertise and encourage staff to apply. With 6 spots available, and each place funded by respective Institutes, we expect one candidate to be successful from each Institute and that selection will be in discussion with Institute Directors. 

If you would like to apply, please indicate interest directly to the Faculty and approach your Institute Director in the first instance. 

- The cost per attendee is £2,400

- The programme is also available to senior professional future leaders (as well as academic and researchers)

- Deadline is 7 Sept 

Register your interest here