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Mandarin Chinese speakers needed for online survey

13 February 2015

Researchers at UCL Linguistics and Speech Sciences departments are calling on native Mandarin Chinese speakers to take part in their online survey.

Mandarin Chinese speakers needed for online survey

The survey will look at the age when participants acquire certain words and help researchers better understand the meaning of words.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

To complete the survey, please click the following link: http://ucl.phonologist.org/tang/chinese/agetest/.

Previous experiment

If you took part in the UCL Linguistics and Speech Sciences departments' previous experiment, they would like to thank you for your participation.

The experiment found that the most positive words for native Mandarin Chinese speakers include 'holiday', 'smile' and 'confidence', while the most negative words include 'betrayal', 'drown' and 'prison'.

To find out more about the previous experiment visit: 


The experiment was approved by the UCL Research Ethics Committee. Ethics registration number LING-2013-06-25. Principal investigator: Jyrki Tuomainen (j.tuomainen@ucl.ac.uk).

Kevin Tang, Doctoral candidate, UCL Department of Linguistics