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UCL Scandinavian Studies releases acclaimed Danish play as a podcast

14 April 2015

UCL Scandinavian Studies has produced the first-ever English language version of The Contract Killer by renowned author Benny Anderson, which is now available on SoundCloud.

The Contract Killer translated book cover

The play is an absurdist comedy about an inexperienced hitman and has been recorded by international theatre company [Foreign Affairs].

The actors worked from a translation by UCL alumnus Paul Russell Garrett (UCL Scandinavian Studies 2008) that was published in 2013 by Norvik Press - a small publishing company based at UCL Scandinavian Studies.

"Ever since the start of this project, it seemed only natural that, once available in English, The Contract Killer, which was originally a radio play broadcast on Danish and Swedish radio in 1969, should eventually return to its 'sound form'," said Dr Elettra Carbone, Teaching Fellow at UCL Scandinavian Studies.

To listen to the play, visit the Norvik Press SoundCloud channel.