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Participants needed for UCL research project to investigate the local inflammatory response

16 April 2015

Calling healthy, non-smoking, male and female volunteers, 18-50 years old, to take part in a research project to investigate the local inflammatory response.


Participation would involve attendance to the Rayne Institute, University Street, UCL, and include either the formation of a small skin blister, OR a small (3mm) skin biopsy. 

This study has been approved by UCL ethics committee (Project ID No. 5051/001). Any data you provide in this study will remain confidential, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Participants would be compensated £50 for their time and travel.

For further information (with no obligation to participate), please contact Dr Julia Flint on email julia.flint@ucl.ac.uk / 07879 635 328 or Dr Madhur Motwani m.motwani.11@ucl.ac.uk / 07858 064 787

Dr Julia Flint, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellow, UCL Division of Medicine, Rayne Institute