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New UCL Internships, Work Experience and Volunteering Policy

19 November 2014

I am pleased to inform you that the Human Resources Policy Committee (HRPC) has approved a new

Quad ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/internships.php">UCL Internships, Work Experience and Volunteering Policy.

These changes will take effect on 1 December 2014.

Main changes

The new policy combines the Internships and Work Experience policies, and also includes new guidance about volunteering for UCL. This is designed to make it easier for managers to decide which arrangement would apply to particular circumstances and avoids duplication of information. As a good practice employer, supporting students in the transition to work, HRPC has agreed that all Interns will now be treated as workers and paid the London Living Wage, currently £9.15 p/h.

Departments should submit contract requests for Interns using the SIP Form 5, which will be issued by the HR ECA team. Payments should be made via Form 6 for hours worked and annual leave. Further guidance is available within the UCL Internships, Work Experience and Volunteering Policy.

Transitioning arrangements

This policy will apply to any internships agreed on or after 1 December 2014. Where intern arrangements have already been agreed, or interns are already working for UCL under the previous policy, departments may continue to refund travel expenses, or (for all internships of 4 months duration or longer) pay a flat rate weekly expense allowance of £237.25.

For further information about the policy please contact Laura Tomson l.tomson@ucl.ac.uk.

Fiona Daffern, Head of Employment Policy Development, Human Resources Division