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UCL Talent Bank now registering students to be shortlisted for roles

24 March 2014

UCL Talent Bank is a new fast-tracking employment service that connects UCL students and graduates to a broad range of employers, including UCL alumni.


With reports of 85 applications for a single job, students getting into employment is seemingly still difficult - something that UCL Talent Bank seeks to combat.

We will actively source opportunities for UCL students and present CVs to employers. 

To ensure that your students are automatically considered for these roles, they must register their information, including their UCL department, here.

"UCL Talent Bank is a quick and easy way to find fantastic opportunities with SMEs. As a recent graduate, I found many relevant and interesting opportunities, and the first one that I applied for, I got! The job I have now has fast-tracked my career, and I've even started a professional qualification." - Sarah (UCL Economics 2011).

Manpreet Dhesi, Marketing Communications Officer, UCL Careers