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17 June 2014

That old filing cabinet gathering dust, the ink cartridges for the printer you don't have anymore, chairs and tables stacked in a cupboard taking up valuable space - so where can they go without adding to the local landfill? Why not put them on

warp-it.co.uk/ucl">WARPit? WARPit is UCL's very own recycled item exchange. Any bits and bobs that someone might be able to give a second home to are always welcome. And we're tracking the kudos from our joint effort. So far, we have saved nearly £80,000 and planted the equivalent of 25 trees in saved CO2. So don't bin it, WARPit!

This quick intro video tells you all you need to know.

Any WARPit questions can be directed to Paul Monk on x41967

Paul Monk, Waste Manager, UCL Estates