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Participants wanted for online quiz on emotional intelligence and IQ

11 February 2014

As part of a UCL MSc dissertation project in Psychology (Social Cognition), participants are sought to complete an

Online quiz psych-research.com/s/eqiq" target="_self">online quiz. The quiz is part of a study of the interplay between emotional intelligence and IQ across life span.

Participants from any age group may complete the quiz, but there is a particular need for those aged between 30-60 to participate. 

The quiz only takes 15 minutes and is anonymous. Respondents can get their emotional intelligence and IQ scores at the end. You may complete it here.

This study is being conducted under Professor Adrian Furnham (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) and has approval from the Research Ethics Committee. The ethics number is CEHP/2014/514.

If you have any further questions, please email Simmy Grewal

Simmy Grewal, MSc Psychology '14