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UCL and Times Higher Education World University Rankings

3 October 2013

UCL has moved to 21st place from 17th in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings, one of only four UK universities ranked in the top 25 worldwide.

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UCL's new President and Provost, Professor Michael Arthur, said: "The various university rankings have a wide range of different methodologies and metrics, going some way to explain our different positions within them. Rankings are always a source of intrigue, debate and gossip in the HE sector and they highlight to a much wider audience that UK universities generally perform well on the global stage.

"We're not complacent and are always interested in any factors that might have led to a change in position in any of the rankings. However, our ups and downs in the tables will not divert us from focusing on our core mission - educating and inspiring our students and delivering world class research."

UCL's performance in the seven main world league tables in recent years is detailed below.


UCL and League Tables
Times Higher Education World University Rankings