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Student focus groups on perceptions of extremism

25 October 2013

Camden and Westminster Councils are extending an open invitation to UCL students to attend a focus group about their perceptions of extremism in January 2014.

The councils wish to gather the views of students who study or live in the boroughs about their perceptions of extremism. This research, which is funded by the Home Office, will provide evidence to support the Government's 2011 Prevent Strategy, which aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

This research will explore perceptions of all forms of extremism, including far-right extremism and some aspects of non-violent extremism. In particular the groups will examine how students currently understand and interpret the language of the Prevent agenda (including the terms extremism, radicalisation and violent extremism) and their views on the ideology, people and spaces at risk of extremism. This research forms part of a wider body of work to understand the perceptions and management of extremism at higher education institutions.

The Office for Public Management (OPM) is an independent research agency, which will run three focus groups with students to explore these perceptions. The focus groups are scheduled for early January 2014 and will be held at OPM offices (near King's Cross). 

The agency guarantees that all participant views will remain confidential and reported anonymously, and is offering an incentive of £15 of high street vouchers for each participant, to be paid on the day of the group. 

To register interest in attending the groups, or for more information please contact Emma Blythe before 13 December 2013

In your email, please state your age, year of your UCL course and any days/times of the week that are not convenient for you to attend a group. The agency might ask for more information before confirming your place in one of the groups and the details of the timings and venues.