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UCL Moodle archive 2012/13 and upgrade

22 May 2013

At 5pm Friday 7 June 2013 Moodle will be made unavailable to allow the yearly archive copy to be created.


Once the process is compete the archive will be made available for staff and students, this is expected to be completed by 5pm on Saturday 8 June 2013.  We will also be taking this opportunity to upgrade the Moodle system, to improve security and reliability, as well as introduce some new features. 

The live Moodle service will be returned to service from 9am on Wednesday 12 June 2013.

New Moodle upgrade features

- Drag & Drop: making it easier to manipulate blocks and upload files.

- Conditional Topics: Hide an entire topic until another task is completed.

- Avoid the scroll of death: collapse down long topics to only show the title.

Moodle Archive

This yearly archive is intended to serve as a reference for review and reflection on the past content and activities for 2012/13.  Staff can use this for looking back at how their course(s) functioned in the past and as an assurance that a copy of their course is preserved from the previous year.  Students can look back on the archived courses, resources and submissions for study, revision and reflection on their learning.  All members of the UCL community have access to the archive and are encouraged to think about how it should be used effectively.

What do I have to do?

If your module ends in June and you would like the archive copy to be made available then no further action is required.

Prevent content appearing in the archive

It may be undesirable for all of your course content to remain available to staff and students on the archive. For this reason we advise all staff check courses for:

- Resources: materials which are time sensitive, such as answers to assessments

- Quizzes: summative exams 

- Any other content

What if my course(s) doesn't finish in June?

We recognise that not all Moodle courses end in June.  Some run into August/September and others may run later, several times a year or never stop.  More information on the archive and hiding content/courses can be found here:


What happens after the archive? 

Once you have an archive copy of your course we strongly recommend you take some time to consider resetting and reviewing your course so it can be used for the next cohort.  For more information on preparing your Moodle course for the next academic year, see the following:


To see the archive for yourself, visit: http://moodle-archive.ucl.ac.uk

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