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2014 entry UCL Undergraduate Prospectus now available

14 March 2013

UCL's 2014 entry Undergraduate Prospectus is now available on the UCL website and in print.

2014 prospectus It has been produced by the Publications and Marketing Services (PAMS) team, part of UCL Communications and Marketing.

The new print and online prospectuses provide prospective students with the essential information they require to compare UCL against other universities. The prospectus is consistent with UCL's Access Agreement commitment to improve communications with prospective students about the degree programmes and wider benefits offered by UCL.

The prospectus acts as a first point-of-contact with UCL for many students and is a key element of the overall student experience. In order to gain the most from this initial opportunity to impress prospective students the online version has been enhanced this year with the addition of video content, a more intuitive search function and improved navigation.

While the print edition offers more of a general overview of what UCL has to offer, the web edition provides detailed content about individual degrees and subjects. For this reason, the two editions are designed to complement one another with clear links provided in the printed edition to enable students to easily access the more detailed online information.

Ian Bartlett, Head of Publications and Marketing Services said,

'As we move further towards a more competitive higher education environment, it is important that UCL's student recruitment communications materials meet students' expectations. Our market research has informed us of what prospective students look for when researching universities and the degrees they offer, and the online and print prospectuses reflect these needs.

One area we know is important to students is to be certain the information they access is accurate, up-to-date and consistent regardless of where they see it. By using a central single database to edit and manage prospectus content, PAMS has taken a major step towards providing students with information which meets these criteria. We will shortly announce a system for departments to make use of this content on their own websites if they wish to do so.

I am grateful to colleagues across UCL who have provided content for the prospectus. I would also like to thank our project manager, Rachel Hobbs, and her team who have again successfully delivered the prospectus to a very high standard which showcases what UCL has to offer.'

The web edition is available online at: www.ucl.ac.uk/prospectus. Further printed copies are currently available by contacting UCL's Outreach team at: study@ucl.ac.uk However, we are intending to implement an online order form and will advise when this is available.