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Yale UCL Collaborative: 4D imaging transforms heart healthcare

17 January 2013

Modern cardiovascular surgery is being transformed by virtual imaging, according to a talk given at the Yale UCL Cardiovascular Device Innovation Summit.


The talk, by Dr Antonis Pantazis (UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science), discusses innovations in imaging technology. The summit forms part of the Yale UCL Collaborative, a unique collaboration between Yale University, Yale School of Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital, UCL (University College London) and UCL Partners.

Using a combination of x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound, cardiologists can now build virtual three and four dimensional models of the interiors of patients' hearts. These images are used by cardiologists and surgeons to prepare for surgery or during surgery to provide live visualisation of the inside of the heart.

These techniques are making a huge difference to the lives of patients such as George Adonis, who before undergoing surgery suffered from a range of symptoms which impacted on his quality of life (see video below). 

The latest imaging technology is making heart surgery less invasive and allows more complex procedures to be carried out via keyhole surgery, meaning patients can heal and be discharged from hospital sooner.

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The working mission of the Yale UCL Collaborative is to interpret complex issues for wider society and also solve important issues through collaborative research and its implementation.

The Collaborative offers an unprecedented scale of opportunity to solve problems, discover solutions to pressing issues through research, and also consider and assist rational implementation of these solutions. The Collaborative has already attained joint grants, with others prepared for submission, and in the future they hope to generate their own grant fund. 

Dr Pantazis's talk Imaging in Mitral Valve Repair is part of the Yale-UCL Cardiovascular Device Innovation Summit, which runs from 17th to 18th January 2013.


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