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UCL launches talent bank for graduates

10 January 2013

Do you have an intern vacancy or a position that you would like a UCL graduate to fill? UCL Careers Service is launching UCL Talent Bank, which is a targeted service designed to source relevant UCL students for vacancies/placements that UCL alumni and UCL departments would like to fill, as well as graduate roles/internships in SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises).

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The talent bank will source opportunities and advertise them, putting together a shortlist of relevant and interested students, which will then be handed over to the recruiter. In return, they ask for feedback: the recruiters will tell them if any of the students have been successful in securing the role or invited for interview. At the same time, the careers service will offer shortlisted students support and coaching to maximise their chances of success.

Interested recruiters, departments and UCL alumni should contact Natalia Mazzini-Cea via talentbank@ucl.ac.uk to discuss the service. For further information visit the UCL Talent Bank website: www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/talentbank

Vacancies need to comply with minimum wage legislation or they won't be able to advertise them. However there are exceptions such as registered charities and they will be happy to discuss all opportunities.