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£12.9m for UK Catalysis Research Centre

1 February 2013

In an exciting joint venture, scientists from UCL will play a leading role in the development of a UK catalysis research hub.

The initiative is a partnership between UCL and the University of Cardiff, the University of Bath and Queen's University Belfast.

The initiative has received funding totalling £12.9m from the EPSRC to establish a cross-disciplinary research hub at The Research Complex at Harwell. The hub will enable scientists and chemical engineers from over 30 universities to collaborate on cross-disciplinary projects, share expertise, facilitate world-class research and attract new funding streams. The hub will also provide training opportunities and the chance for researchers to work at different universities. 

Professor Richard Catlow (UCL Chemistry) will lead the development of the £4m catalyst design centre, which will focus on how catalysts function at a molecular level, and implications for catalytic design.

Professor Catlow said: "The overall theme of the research is to develop how catalysts work at a molecular level and, from that knowledge, to design new and improved catalysts. The molecular understanding of catalytic processes will lead to an optimisation of catalytic processes that will feed into the other projects."

Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research), said: "This is a really exciting achievement that will enable us to build on the knowledge and world-leading expertise in catalysis research that we have at UCL. Furthermore, by developing strong partnerships across institutions we will be able to enhance the impact of our research on energy reduction, new engineering solutions and economic growth. Together we will be more than the sum of our parts!"

This initiative will coordinate and strengthen research efforts in catalytic science, allowing the UK to remain a world-leader in the field and tackle major global changes. There will be a strong emphasis on energy sustainability, environmental protection and innovative catalytic processes to support the UK chemical industry.


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