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UCL Grand Challenges Small Grants awarded to 22 new projects

26 April 2013

22 new research projects have been awarded funding of up to £5,000 through the 2013 UCL Grand Challenges Small Grants Scheme.

The scheme funds cross-disciplinary collaborations between staff in different UCL departments under the broad headings of Global Health, Sustainable Cities, Intercultural Interaction and Human Wellbeing.

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The successful applicants are: 

Grand Challenge of Global Health

An integrated approach to HIV and AIDS and informal settlements in sub-Saharan Africa
Dr Colin Marx (Bartlett Development Planning Unit) & Dr Sarah Hawkes (Institute for Global Health)

A life history approach to diabetes in rural India
Professor Jonathan Wells (Institute of Child Health) & Dr Andrea Migliano (Anthropology)

Examining the feasibility and ethical acceptability of providing cause of death information to families of the deceased in rural Nepal
Dr Joanna Morrison (Institute for Global Health) & Dr James Wilson (Centre for Philosophy, Justice & Health)

Adaptation to milk drinking in Chilean goat herders; the role of genetics and selection
Professor Dallas Swallow (Faculty of Life Sciences) & Professor Ruth Mace (Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences)

A Smartphone App for Neonatal Jaundice
Dr Terence Leung (Medical Physics & Bioengineering) & Dr Judith Meek (UCLH)

Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing

Medical (In)humanities
Dr Stephanie Bird (School of European Languages, Culture & Society) & Dr Peter Zusi (School of Slavonic & East European Studies)

How to get on (with) a bus: A pilot study of wheelchair users' engagement with research on bus accessibility
Dr Brian Balmer (Science & Technology Studies) & Dr Catherine Holloway (Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering)

Socio-cognitive skills in children with visual impairment
Dr. Michelle de Haan (Institute of Child Health) & Dr. Naomi Dale (Institute of Child Health)

Sporting Chance: testing the evolutionary determinants of health in inner city schools        
Gustav Milne (Institute of Archaelogy) & Dr Benjamin Gardener Sood (Epidemiology & Public Health)

The Social Web, a Community Technology for Healthy Ageing
Dr Rodney Reynolds (Instute for Global Health) & Dr Dylan Kneale (Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering)

Distress in elderly renal patients    
Dr David Wheeler (Centre for Nephrology) & Dr Joseph Low (Mental Health Sciences)

Grand Challenge of Intercultural Interaction

Transnational Slade: mapping the diaspora of an art school
Dr Amna Malik (Slade School of Fine Art) & Dr Melissa Terras  (Information Studies)

Ideas of African sculpture in archaeology and art in modern Britain: Jacob Epstein, Flinders Petrie, Ronald Moody and Edna Manley
Dr Gemma Romain (Geography) & Dr Debbie Challis (Petrie Museum)                    

John Donne's Conversions, 1613-2013
Daniel Smith (English) & Dr Jason Peacey (History)

Coordination and Collaboration
William Steptoe (Computer Science) & Dr Daniel Richardson (Cognitive, Perceptual & Brain Sciences)

Trust and Distrust in the Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union, 1956-1991
Dr Alexey Tikhomirov (School of Slavonic & East European Studies) & Professor Mary Fulbrook (School of European Languages, Culture & Society)

Increasing Awareness of Organ Donation in Black and Minority Ethnic Groups
Dr Cecil Thompson (UCLH) & Bimbi Fernando (UCLH)

Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities

Blackout prevention and solutions through multi-disciplinary techniques
Dr Catalina Spataru (UCL Energy Institute) & Dr Hervé Borrion (Department of Security & Crime Studies)

Behaviour change: reducing waste

Professor Susan Michie (Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology) & Richard Jackson (Estates)

Assessment of alternative transport models for Havana

Dr Emily Morris (Institute of the Americas) & Dr Julio Davila (Development Planning Unit)

The suburban food basket: the role of spatial setting and social context in providing access to healthy food

Dr Shaun Scholes (Epidemiology & Public Health) & Professor Laura Vaughan (Bartlett School of Graduate Studies)

Cities for Human Locomotion
Dr Stephen Marshall (Bartlett School of Planning) & Professor Nick Tyler (Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering)