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UCL maps website revamped

19 September 2012

UCL Communications has completed the first phase of a project to revamp the

ucl.ac.uk/find-us" target="_self">maps pages. The site now includes an interactive map to help people find buildings, public lecture theatres and other useful resources.

Each entry in the map includes a dedicated link, which colleagues can copy paste into invitations, emails or websites to provide direct links to particular venues. For example here is a link to the Darwin lecture theatre: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/find-us/?locationID=84.

Another useful feature is a PC availability option, which enables users to see cluster room availability in real time. This can be selected in the top right hand corner.

The next phase of the project aims to include the option of including the UCL Map, created by the Geography Drawing Office, as a layer over the Google map. This map includes accessibility information, cafes, bike racks and other useful details.

If you feel we have missed any important locations, or want to update venue descriptions, please get in touch: john.burnett@ucl.ac.uk

John Burnett, Head of Digital Communications. Communications and Marketing Office