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UCL Graduate Prospectus 2013 entry published

27 September 2012

Publications and Marketing Services (PAMS), part of UCL Communications and Marketing, is pleased to announce that the 2013 entry

UCL Graduate Prospectus 2013 entry ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/graduate-study/entry2013" target="_self">UCL Graduate Prospectus is now available in print and online.

While the printed edition has been refreshed following previous practice in terms of format and design, the online version has been substantially redesigned and restructured to aid navigation. Most notably, the publication now makes full use of PAMS' database of taught degree programmes. It also makes use of UCL's IRIS research database to provide prospective research students with further details of the opportunities available at UCL.

We have also taken the opportunity to split information relevant to taught and research students into separate sections in an effort to better target the content to users' needs.

PAMS would like to thank colleagues across UCL who have assisted in providing content for the Prospectus.

Ian Bartlett, Head of Publications and Marketing Services, Communications and Marketing Office