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UCL News Podcast - US Elections & Professor Steve Jones

12 October 2012

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podcast Split up into three parts, you can either listen to the podcast all in one go, or save features for later listening. 

On this podcast we get to grips with the upcoming US elections with Professor Iwan Morgan from the UCL Institute of the Americas. Lunch Hour Lectures also started with a bang this week, and to get back into the swing of things we went to talk to Professor Steve Jones about the history of the lectures and his passion for snails. 

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Part 1 - News

This week Henry Green, our new communications intern and roving reporter, joins us to talk about some student news stories from around the university. Also, great news from the UCL Grant Museum of Zoology which is now open on Saturday afternoons as well as its normal weekday opening hours. And we learn a bit more about a new website called Bat Detective which gives anyone the opportunity to get involved in conservation science.

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Part 2 - A history of Lunch Hour Lectures with Professor Steve Jones

Professor Steve Jones is a stalwart of our Lunch Hour Lecture programme, which has now been running for 70 years. Professor Jones spoke to us about the history of Lunch Hour Lectures at UCL and also gave us a sneak preview of his own lecture this term that's about the art of snails, and snails in art.

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Part 3 - Professor Iwan Morgan explains the US elections

The US elections are in full swing and as luck would have it we have an expert on hand to explain the significance of the recent televised debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Professor Iwan Morgan (UCL Institute of the Americas) also explores why the congressional elections are just as important as the presidential election and why we should be paying more attention to them.

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