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New Moodle is just two weeks away

31 May 2012

The upgrade to Moodle2 will start on Friday 15 June at 5pm.


From 16 June until 24 June the current Moodle will be read-only, and accessed through the Moodle archive. 

All courses will be transferred into Moodle2 during this time and no changes will be possible to any course i.e. no quizzes, no forum discussions, no new materials posted, no course submissions.

UCL Moodle2 will go live on Monday 25 June.

As part of these preparations, a Moodle2 sandbox is now available. This allows you to see how your courses will look in Moodle2 as well as experiment with editing and managing courses using the new interface.

Information about the Moodle2 sandbox is available here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/moodle2/Moodle2_Sandbox

Users can login directly here: http://moodle2-pilot.ucl.ac.uk/

Key details of the upgrade

All courses and all files, documents and student data in all courses will be transferred to Moodle2.

No changes will be possible to Moodle during the week of 16 to 24 June (e.g. no submissions, quizzes or communication will be possible).

From 16 to 24 June a "read-only" copy of Moodle as it was at close of business on Friday 15 June will still be available, accessible by all staff and students.

Training courses " Moving to Moodle2" are available here.

Jim Alexander, Information Services Division