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UCL achieves EcoCampus Silver Award

12 July 2012

UCL achieved its EcoCampus Silver award last week, after a successful audit.


The EcoCampus scheme provides a stepped approach to enhancing environmental performance in the HE sector. UCL signed up to the scheme in 2009, achieving bronze status in 2010.

Since then, teams in estates and facilities, capital projects, finance, green champions and their volunteers across departments and divisions have been working towards putting in place management practices to reduce UCL's environmental impact.  

Building on the Bronze phase, which emphasised getting the governance right, the Silver phase focused on setting out UCL's approach to identifying and managing environmental impacts through the publication of an Environmental Sustainability Policy.  It also involved putting in place robust objectives and targets to manage these and ensuring that key individuals are skilled to deliver what is needed.

UCL is now working towards Gold, which focuses more heavily on implementing good practices, delivering environmental training and improving environmental communication and awareness across the university.

The auditor noted in his comments that UCL is doing a great job to 'join all the dots' across such a complex organisation.  

Richard Jackson, Head of Environmental Sustainability, said "This takes us to the next level, its a great achievement and demonstrates that UCL takes its stewardship role in terms of environmental sustainability seriously".