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Provost's Awards for Public Engagement at UCL

30 January 2012

The Provost's Awards for Public Engagement have once again recognised the fantastic work that UCL's staff and students are doing to open up what happens at UCL, creating two-way conversations with the public.

Public engagement Awards

This is the third year that the prizes have been awarded, reflecting an impressive commitment to public engagement from across UCL's disciplines.

This year's winners, each receiving a prize of £1000, are:

  • Professor Clare Elwell (UCL Medical Physics and Bioengineering) Public engager of the year - academic/research staff grade 8 and above
  • Karin Charles (UCL Scandinavian Studies) Public engager of the year - support staff 
  • Steve Gray (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) Public engager of the year - academic / research staff grade 6 or 7
  • Claire Ross (UCL Centre for Digital Humanities) Student public engager of the year
  • Dr Joe Cain (UCL Science and Technology Studies) Head of Department who has displayed the strongest commitment to culture change with respect to public engagement.

Hilary Jackson, a member of UCL's Public Engagement Unit, told us "As always, we've been so impressed by the incredible energy and enthusiasm that staff and students at UCL put into their public engagement work, and it's fantastic to be able to reward that through these prizes.  The high standard of work shown by all our winners reflects an incredibly impressive set of nominees.  We would like to congratulate and thank all our nominees for their work - we look forward to running the awards again next year."

Image: UCL President and Provost, Malcolm Grant, presents Professor Clare Elwell with her award.

To find out more about the winners, visit the public engagement website at the link below.

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