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Superannuation arrangements of the University of London (SAUL): actuarial valuation as at 31 March 2011

22 August 2012

Every three years the SAUL scheme is required to undergo a formal valuation of its assets and liabilities at a given date.

Saul The latest valuation, undertaken as at the 31 March 2011, has now been concluded by the actuary to the fund, and the Valuation Report has been published.

In addition to the Actuarial Valuation Report, a Recovery Plan in respect of the deficit within the fund, has also been agreed and certified. Also published is the document Statement of Funding Principles, which sets out the Trustee's Policy on Funding Matters.

Annual Benefits Estimate at 31 March 2012

Annual Benefits Estimate Statements for members of the Final Salary Plan were recently distributed to your work location. The layout of this years statement has been revised to make the document more engaging and easier to read and understand. This is an important document as it sets out your SAUL service and SAUL benefits built up to and including 31 March 2012, as well as containing other useful and personal information relating to your SAUL membership.

If you have a query about any of the information contained on the statement, if there is incorrect information, or if you have not yet received your statement please UCL Pension Services at pensions@ucl.ac.uk with the email subject "SAUL Annual Benefits Estimate 2012".

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Fenella Needham, UCL Pensions Manager, Human Resources