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Don't buy it or bin it...WARPit

14 August 2012


warp-it.co.uk/UCL">Sign up here

UCL Estates has launched WARPit, an online platform for all UCL staff to redistribute resources legally and conveniently within UCL. 

WARPit provides an online listing of items available to be redistributed within UCL. Users can add items that they no longer need and search for items they would like to acquire. Resources can be given, loaned or shared and the UCL portering services can provide transportation of the items.

The platform can be used to exchange furniture and equipment, and resources including fixtures and fittings, electrical equipment, books, stationery, laboratory equipment, technical equipment and more.

A number of UCL staff have already signed up and attended training sessions on how to use the platform and the first items claimed on the system were a lab coat and some chairs - saving money, waste costs and carbon emissions for the departments involved.

To save money and save waste, sign up to WARPit at the link above. For more information, please email p.monk@ucl.ac.uk