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About UCL website revamp

31 August 2012

The 'About UCL' website has been updated.

About UCL website revamp The site aims to provide an overview of the university for a variety of external audiences.

The redesigned website brings a new structure to better represent the university's activity. It includes a top-level summary as well as pages outlining the strength of UCL's educational experience, research, history. The layout is more visually led and dynamic, while the content is more accessible and graphically supported.

The website is a valuable source of up-to-date facts and figures. A new interactive timeline highlights some of the institution's greatest achievements, notable alumni and institutional developments. Colleagues are invited to augment this resource by emailing submissions to john.burnett@ucl.ac.uk.

The redesign is informed by analysis and end-user research. This showed that audiences wanted a straightforward structure, more images, clearer language and supporting data and graphs to back up messages.

John Burnett, Acting Head of Digital Communications, Communications and Marketing Office