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New procedures for engaging agency workers from 1 October

15 September 2011

New Agency Workers Regulations come into force on 1 October 2011.

These Regulations apply to agency workers (commonly referred to as 'temps') supplied by a temporary work agency or via intermediaries.

The genuinely self-employed, those working through their own limited liability company, and those working on managed-service contracts are excluded.

The new regulations give additional rights to agency workers relating to pay, terms and conditions. New procedural advice has been developed which informs managers of the procedure for hiring an agency worker. The advice provided is intended to ensure compliance with this new legislation.

New Bookings

To book new temporary staff, please look at section 9 of the document below. The section is entitled 'Advice'.

What to do if you have a temp already in place

For all current temps, the new rights will come into effect on 1 October. Temps should only have been booked using agencies on the preferred and interim supplier list at the link below. UCL Human Resources (HR) will notify all the agencies on this list of the grade rates to be used from 1 October to ensure that pay is the same as a comparable employee, including adjustments for extra annual leave entitlement.

If a temp has been booked through HR, they will notify the agency of the grade to be used. If a temp is booked directly with a recruitment agency then the appropriate grade rate to be used must be arranged with the agency.

Preferred Supplier List

A tender exercise is currently underway to create a new Preferred Supplier List . This list will hold the names of selected agencies covering clinical/medical, library, information technology, nursery, technicians, manual, craft & security, management & administration and senior executive agency hires. HR will provide further information on the selected agencies, booking and contact details when the tender exercise is complete.

If you have any questions relating to the procedural advice, please contact Fiona Daffern (UCL HR Policy and Planning). If you have any queries about your booking, please contact Helen Brown (UCL HR Process).

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