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Provost appointed to chair NHS Commissioning Board

14 October 2011

The Government has announced today that UCL President and Provost Malcolm Grant has been named as preferred choice to chair the new NHS Commissioning Board, the body which, under the Government's Bill now before Parliament, will be responsible for arranging and overseeing the provision of NHS services in England.


After talking to members of Council and the Senior Management Team, I have agreed that he takes this part-time role in the national interest, and remains as UCL President and Provost. The appointment is in the interests of UCL, given our central role in shaping and delivering health policy in the United Kingdom.

The role, working with Sir David Nicholson as Chief Executive, is an important one and the Provost was asked both by the Secretary of State for Health and the Prime Minister to take it on following a selection process. The initial appointment is for four years and the task is expected to take two days a week in the first instance, the vast bulk of it London-based since the Board will have offices just off Tottenham Court Road.

We will review the Provost's internal and external commitments and work out a coherent scheme for delegating some other functions to the Vice Provosts, with appropriate support for them in turn as necessary. He has the strong backing of the Senior Management Team.

Malcolm Grant has given outstanding leadership to UCL and his commitment is undimmed. It is firmly in the interests of UCL both that Malcolm takes on a task for which he is superbly qualified and that we should continue to enjoy his leadership.

Sir Stephen Wall, Chair of Council