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UCL responds to BMJ editorial

10 November 2011

In relation to the recent BMJ editorial by Dr Fiona Godlee, a UCL spokesperson said: "Matters relating to alleged research misconduct by Dr Andrew Wakefield are subject to a review which UCL is commissioning, following the receipt last month of independent advice on scope and procedure from the UK Research Integrity Office - an independent body which provides expert advice and guidance about research related conduct.

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"We are currently in the final stages of a process to identify a suitable external Chair for the review. We anticipate that its scope and terms of reference, and the full membership of the investigating panel, will be confirmed and the review formally launched by the end of this year. The investigating panel will include other external as well as internal members. 

"UCL is conscious of the need to ensure that, once launched, this review is thorough, fair and wide-ranging, and is conducted according to a timely and transparent process. We are taking care to be as thorough as possible in commissioning this review and feel it is imperative that we ensure the probity of this important process. We therefore cannot comment further on specific aspects of the case at this point."