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Bright Club:STARS

9 November 2011

Bright Club - the thinking person's comedy night - is back at London's Bloomsbury Theatre on 11 November and this time it's going to be more dazzling than ever.

Jason Dittmer

We'll be finding out about the stars in the sky, but this being Bright Club we'll also be asking the most important questions, like which celebrity writes the worst books, and whether a moustache can turn an ordinary archaeologist into a superstar.

Set up in 2009, Bright Club is now an established feature of the comedy circuit. Internationally renowned, Bright Club consists of a mixed line up of professional comedians and brilliantly funny storytellers from the world of academia.

The explosive results have spread like wildfire around the UK, with Bright Clubs springing up in Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, York, Cardiff and Belfast. Bright Club starts in Sydney, Australia in January 2012.

Who knew the basement of a pub could be a more terrifying venue than an international conference full of renowned experts?

Jason Dittmer (UCL Geography)

Lloyd Langford (Ask Rhod Gilbert), comedian and compere, said: "I look forward to hosting Bright Club and I hope the intelligentsia clasp me to their bosom. Fingers crossed nobody finds out I only got one A* at GCSE."

Dr Jason Dittmer, UCL Geographer, said:"Bright Club has really forced me to think about how to communicate my research in new ways. Who knew the basement of a pub could be a more terrifying venue than an international conference full of renowned experts?"

Helen Keen, comedian said: "Being on a Bright Club bill is a joy and a privilege - it's always innovative and entertaining, but as a space fan I'm particularly excited about the line up at Bright Club: Stars."

On the bill this time round:

The Researchers:

  • Dr Lucie Green - Solar physicist, award winner and star of The Sky At Night
  • Jen Gupta - Astrophysicist and host of the Jodcast
  • Sheila Kanani - Who looks for life on Saturn's moons
  • Sarah Dhanjal - Hero-worshipping archaeologist
  • Dr Nic Canty - Expert on publishing celebrity tell-all books
  • Dr Jason Dittmer - Geographer who brings the "…and Stripes" to this night of Stars Dr James Kneale - Geographer of the worlds of Science Fiction
  • Dr Martin Austwick - Social Physicist

The Professionals:

  • Lloyd Langford - our compere, from BBC TV's Ask Rhod Gilbert
  • Lucy Porter - The joke machine from Mock the Week and many other shows
  • Helen Keen - Who lives for jokes and space exploration
  • Colin Hazel - The king of the hilarious singalong
  • Gavin Osborn - Turning guitars into laughs

Image: Dr Jason Dittmer performs at a previous Bright Club

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