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UCL HEFCE allocation for 2011-12

17 March 2011

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hefce.ac.uk/pubs/year/2011/201107/" target="_self">HEFCE's document 'Recurrent grants for 2011-12'

The HEFCE teaching and funding recurrent grant to UCL for our financial year 2011-2012 has been announced as £171.3m. This represents a decrease of £1.5m or -0.9 per cent on the final grant for 2010-11, and compares with a reduction across the sector of 4.1 per cent. HEFCE announced that it will distribute £6.5bn to universities and colleges in England, with £4,339m for teaching, and £1,558m for research.

There have been two pro-rata reductions for 2010-11 since the original UCL budget for the year was set, amounting to £4.5m or 2.5 per cent of UCL's total grant for teaching and research. The announcement for 2011-12 imposes the further cut of £1.5m on the reduced 2010-11 allocation , taking the total cut since the UCL budget for 2010-11 to £6m, or 3.4% in cash terms.

Within the overall grant, the amount available for research has been protected, with £5.6m of the £6m cut falling on the teaching grant element, representing a cut of 8.3 per cent.

The allocation of HEFCE capital funds beyond the current Capital Investment Framework (CIF) round has also been indicated. This includes the reinstatement of £1.1m 2010-11 teaching capital funds clawed back last August, a capital allocation for learning and teaching for 2012-13 of £720k plus a capital allocation for research for the four years 2011-12 to 2014-15 of £40m (i.e. £10m pa). This represents a cut of around 70% in the current 2008-11 CIF allocation of £36m pa.

Media contact: Dominique Fourniol