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Pop-Up Displays @ The Strang Print Room

17 March 2011


strang ucl.ac.uk/museums/uclart/visit/exhibitions/popups" target="_self">Lunchtime Pop-Ups in the Strang Print Room
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  • Getting to the UCL Strang Print Room
  • Members of staff are being offered the chance to select works from UCL's collections and display them in the Strang Print Room.

    On Wednesday 23 March, Dr Joe Cain (UCL Science and Technology Studies) takes up the challenge of temporary lunchtime curator.

    Here, Dr Cain explains his choices: "The sketches I have chosen are new arrivals to UCL Art Collections. They are made by Charles Bell - a European powerhouse in medicine, surgery and anatomy. Bell must have been a joy to watch in his lectures, sketching these things on the fly at the chalkboard. Think of what was erased shortly after one of his classes at UCL!"

    If you would like to participate in a Pop-Up display please visit the link at the top of the page.

    Pop-up Displays take place on Wednesdays between 1pm - 2pm. Admission to the Strang Print room is free.