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24 March 2011


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  • Upcoming TLN events 
  • The UCL Teaching and Learning Network (TLN) is an informal network for UCL staff.

    The network is designed to help teaching staff share ideas and resources and to promote discussion around new developments in teaching, learning and assessment.

    Fiona Strawbridge (UCL Learning Technology Support Services) said: "This is an informal way for teaching staff across the whole organisation to share ideas and thinking. We offer online resources, networking opportunities and lunchtime presentations which cover a wide range of issues around teaching and learning. These are typically led by UCL teaching staff, and allow plenty of time for questions and discussion. Staff are welcome to bring their lunch and join in the discussion."

    The next lunchtime session is entitled 'Digital stories, Teaching students and Public Engagement' and is presented by Dr Dominic Furniss and Dr Rachel Benedyk (UCL Interaction Centre).

    Dr Furniss explained: "In Monday's talk, we will be presenting a successful exercise that introduced our MSc students to Digital Stories. This three-day activity worked really well for bringing our multidisciplinary students together in their first week at UCL. It provided them with a fun learning activity, which then led to considerable public engagement success. We will explain how the structure of this exercise can be used elsewhere and the potential benefits for staff and students alike."

    The above session takes place on Monday 28 March in Cruciform Lecture Theatre Two at 1pm. Lunchtime sessions are open to all UCL staff. The format is a thirty minute presentation followed by a discussion period of around fifteen minutes.

    To join the network, or for more information, please visit the link at the top of the page.

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