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UCL Neuroscientist receives prize to promote German-Anglo relations

10 January 2011

Professor Eleanor Maguire, a researcher at UCL's Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, has been awarded the 2011 Feldberg Foundation prize, to facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge between German and British scientists.

Eleanor Maguire

The Feldberg Foundation, a registered German charity, was established in 1961 by Professor Wilhelm Feldberg, CBE, FRS, with the aim of promoting scientific contact between Germany and the UK, particularly between researchers working in the area of physiology, pharmacology and related topics. Each year the foundation awards two prizes, worth €20,000 each, to two scientists, one German and one British.

Professor Maguire, this year's British recipient stated, "I'm stunned and honoured to have been awarded this prestigious prize. I very much look forward to giving my lectures in Germany, and further cementing what are already close relations between UK and German neuroscience."