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UCL and league table performance

16 September 2010


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  • Coverage in The Guardian
  • In light of the publication of two major league tables this month, UCL President and Provost Professor Malcolm Grant has commented in a variety of media about their methodological differences and inability to reflect fully a university's qualities.

    He said: "In recent years, UCL has enjoyed some spectacular successes in league tables. We have taken quiet satisfaction in these outcomes because we believe they have to a large degree reflected the quality of UCL's community of academics and our students from around the world.

    "We have however, always been cautious not to make inflated claims on the basis of these rankings, as we are well aware  that no league table can ever hope to capture all of a university's qualities, and that rankings always reflect what the publishers of rankings decide to measure."

    To find out more about how UCL has fared in major league tables over recent years, follow the link at the top of this item.

    To listen to UCL President and Provost Professor Malcolm Grant talk about league tables and their significance for students click on the player below: