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Behind the Academic Lens

1 June 2010


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  • Ethnography film-making module
  • Work from a new generation of student filmmakers will be screened at a premiere in the Cruciform Building on Thursday 10 June 2010.

    'Behind the Academic Lens' is a celebration of visual anthropology in practice; using digital media to study, observe, record and analyse what makes us human.

    The films, which have all been made by UCL anthropology students, are part of a practical course in hands-on documentary filmmaking that forms part the UCL masters degree programme.

    The course was initiated in response to the growing need among anthropologists to use digital media as a research tool and as a way to present research outcomes.

    Screenings include:

    • The Double Life of Noreen Khan which features rollerskater and boxer Noreen, an East End graphic designer, whose ethnic Mongolian parents can't read or write
    • Bruce and I, which sees filmmaker Lasse Johansson and his neighbour share a fatal disease in a story where access to knowledge is the secret of survival
    • Alex Sherlock's All My Love, an exploration into the spirit of objects and the power of the material world to store and preserve emotion and memory
    • Stephanie Patten's Time to Talk in which a quiet drink in the pub leads Jack to ponder his life as a peacekeeper during the troubles in Northern Ireland
    • Kebab, a light-hearted search for the best mouthful of skewered meat in our multicultural world.

    The event will also include a prize ceremony for the Best Film on the Practical Filmmaking Masters Course and for the Best Film on the UCL/Insight short course programme.

    Image above: Student filming

    UCL context

    The breadth of Anthropology at UCL distinguishes its programme from those offered by most other British universities. UCL anthropology looks at the biological, cultural, social and material culture aspects of human beings as well as their evolution covering the entire human story; from its origins to the present day.

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