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Lecturer wins Royal Academy teaching award

27 January 2010


Dr Suzanne Farid ucl.ac.uk/biochemeng/" target="_self">UCL Biochemical Engineering
  • Royal Academy of Engineering
  • A senior lecturer from UCL Biochemical Engineering has won a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering/Exxon Mobil Award for Excellence in Teaching.

    Dr Suzanne Farid's award recognises her unique contributions to the teaching of bioprocess design to multi-disciplinary groups of undergraduates and to the close involvement of industry and regulatory expert panels in the delivery of highly relevant material tacking global healthcare issues.

    She said: "Receiving this Royal Academy of Engineering/Exxon Mobil Award is a great honour and it reinforces UCL Biochemical Engineering's reputation as a centre of excellence in teaching.

    I'd like to dedicate this award to the late Professor Peter Dunnill who inspired generations to be passionate about biochemical engineering and to pursue excellence in teaching as well as research.

    Sincere thanks to my mentors for their continual support and encouragement. And thanks to our students for their enthusiastic participation in sessions."

    Dr Farid's award means her department, recognised as a centre of excellence in engineering teaching in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, will receive a package of benefits worth £50,000, including a cheque for £10,000.

    While the department is the major beneficiary of the award, the application focuses on the merits of a specific member of staff.

    Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Head of UCL Biochemical Engineering, said: "The linking of leading-edge research with teaching innovations are the hallmarks of Dr Farid's academic career. This combination ensures that cohorts of students in our department gain the latest insights which in turn sets them up for valuable future careers. The award is a recognition of the passion Dr Farid displays for her subject and of her dedication. All of the department benefits from that vision and by working closely with such an inspirational individual."

    Ian Bowbrick, Head of Professional Formation at the Royal Academy of Engineering, said: "The Academy has been greatly encouraged by the effective university teaching practice this scheme has identified, particularly as the current funding mechanism is so heavily weighted towards research output.

    The Academy is also delighted that a leading industrial company in the shape of ExxonMobil recognises the importance of the teaching of undergraduate engineers to the future prosperity and well-being of this country."

    For more information about UCL Biochemical Engineering follow the link above.

    Image: Dr Suzanne Farid