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UCL professor leads €2.7m pipeline safety project

11 February 2010


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A professor from UCL Chemical Engineering is leading a €2.7m project looking at the safety of transporting captured CO2 in high-pressure pipelines.

Professor Haroun Mahgerefteh will lead the European Commission FP7-funded project, which will focus on the transport of CO2 from fossil fuel power plants for subsequent sub-sea storage.

Given the hazards associated with the accidental release of large quantities of the gas, it is essential that such pipelines are located at safe distances from populated areas.

Providing such information in an accurate and reliable manner is therefore essential to the success of carbon capture and sequestration technology as a viable means of combating the impact of global warming.

The project - entitled CO2PipeHaz - is being carried out in collaboration with scientists and industrialists in Norway, France, Greece and the world's largest emitter of CO2, China.

It will involve mathematical and computer simulations of high-pressure release and the subsequent atmospheric dispersion of CO2 in the event of an accidental pipeline rupture.

An important part of the project involves comparing the predictions of mathematical models against data collected during the controlled rupture of an industrial-scale CO2 pipeline in China.

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Image: A coal-fired power station

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UCL Chemical Engineering is one of the top research and teaching chemical engineering departments in the UK.

75% of staff are rated as world-leading or of internationally excellent quality in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. Research is grouped into three main areas: multiphase systems; chemical and catalytic reaction engineering; and computer-aided process engineering.  The department hosts the Centre for CO2 Technology which is the hub of energy and CO2 technology development in the department and a focus for energy research at UCL.

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