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Professor David Nicholas on BBC2 Virtual Revolution

19 February 2010

Professor David Nicholas, Head of UCL Information Studies, will reveal how use of the internet has affected our capacity to read and write at length, in The Virtual Revolution on 20 February.

BBC's Virtual Revolution programme

The four-part series has investigated the history of the internet, its trailblazers and how it has reshaped a variety of aspects of our lives. The final episode features an interview with Professor David Nicholas, the preliminary results of the online experiment filmed at UCL in November to identify different 'web species' that have evolved over the past 20 years, and an invitation to participate in the next stage of research.

The programme will air on BBC2 on Saturday 20 February at 8:15pm.

UCL context

UCL Information Studies offers postgraduate qualification and training for all the information professions. It is the country's largest library school and its teaching is built upon an international research reputation second to none.

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