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£5.8m grant to research intelligent imaging

29 April 2010


Brain scan cs.ucl.ac.uk/" target="_self">UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing
  • Professor David Hawkes
  • Professor Dave Hawkes (UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing) and collaborators have been awarded £5.8m from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to research intelligent imaging.

    The team, which is made up of scientists from UCL, Imperial, King's, the Institute for Cancer Research and Oxford, will explore a new concept in medical imaging that uses computerised models of anatomy, motion and microstructure coupled to image acquisition so that visualisations and measurements that relate directly to disease progression or response to therapy can be obtained directly from raw sensor data.

    The programme will devise new ways to extract information that can be used to inform diagnosis and guide therapy directly from the measurements of the imaging device. Data acquisition and interpretation will also be more closely aligned, speeding up the imaging process and resulting in much more accurate information from moving structures in the chest and abdomen, and a potential reduction in radiation dose and cost.

    Magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and X-ray computed tomography will be the main technologies used, although the principles can be applied across the spectrum. This methodology will be applied to better detect and assess response to therapy of some of the most common and lethal cancers (lung, liver, breast, prostate, colon), cardiovascular disease and the health of the foetus and newborn infant.

    Professor Hawkes said: "This new programme brings together researchers in medical imaging from King's College, Imperial, the Institute of Cancer Research and Oxford to form an exceptionally strong  consortium. The programme has close links with clinical researchers across London as well as excellent links with industry, including large multinationals such as Philips and GlaxoSmithKline and a number of small to medium sized businesses to speed up the translation of these opportunities to healthcare that can benefit patients. This programme will put the UK at the forefront of international activity in this competitive field."

    Image above: MRI brain scan

    UCL context

    The Centre for Medical Image Computing combines excellence in medical imaging sciences with innovative computational methodology. The centre's research finds application in biomedical research and in healthcare with a particular emphasis on the translation of new computational methods in imaging sciences to the clinic.
    The research of the group focuses on detailed structural and functional analysis in neurosciences, imaging to guide interventions, image analysis in drug discovery, imaging in cardiology and imaging in oncology .The Centre, has very close links with the Clinical Sciences, Life Sciences and associated Clinical Institutes, in particular the Institute of Neurology and the Institute of Child Health.

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