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The Brain Unravelled: exhibition starts today

7 September 2009


Brain crop thebrainunravelled.com/" target="_self">The Brain Unravelled
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  • A new exhibition exploring the intricacies of the brain starts today at UCL.

    The 'Brain Unravelled' is a multidisciplinary exhibition where art, anthropology and neuroscience join forces. In addition to an exhibition featuring painting, photography, mixed media, installation, sculpture, and film, there will be a series of talks and events during the show, which runs from 7-19th September 2009. The exhibition is taking place at the UCL Slade Research Centre in Woburn Square, London.

    The human brain contains about 100 billion nerve cells, and 100 trillion connections among them. Every day, thousands of scientists around the world are trying to understand more about how the brain works.

    This exhibition will explore various aspects of current brain research. One of the strong themes of the show is consciousness, a theme considered by some as the holy grail of science, and by others a myth or a concept that humans will never be able to unfathom.

    The contributors to the exhibition include Antony Gormley, Storm Thorgerson, Future Sound of London, Liliane Lijn, and UCL academics Dr Beau Lotto, Professor Brian Butterworth and Professor Chris Frith.

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