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Science funding championed on 'Today' programme

2 March 2009


The quad, UCL ucl.ac.uk/research/venture-prize/" target="_self">UCL Provost's Venture Prize

Honorary Professor Donald Braben, UCL Earth Sciences, discussed science funding on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on 27 February 2009, prior to Prime Minister Gordon Brown's announcement that the UK would invest more money in scientific research "than at any time in the country's history".

The PM said: "With the strength of our scientific community, our commitment to invest in the future of science and our steadfast determination to build a global partnership of nations succeeding together not falling apart, Britain can be an international hub for scientists around the world."

Professor Braben leads the selection team for the Provost's Venture Prize, an unconventional new award that offers academics the freedom to explore paradigm-shifting ideas. The prize will go to UCL researchers whose ideas challenge the norm and have the potential substantially to change the way we think about an important subject.

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