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Jerry Roberts' Codebreaking Talk: FULLY BOOKED

2 March 2009

The talk by Captain Jerry Roberts, UCL German alumnus and Second-World-War codebreaker, at UCL on 11 March 2009 is now fully booked.

A video of his talk will be available on the UCL website approximately two weeks after the event.

Captain Roberts (UCL German 1939-41) will address the UCL community on 11 March, with a talk entitled 'My Top-Secret Codebreaking During World War II: The Last British Survivor of Bletchley Park's Testery'.

Following the completion of his German degree at UCL, Captain Roberts became a founding member of the 'Testery' at Bletchley Park and a senior member of the élite team assigned to the regular breaking of messages enciphered on the Lorenz SZ40/42 machines: 12-wheel machines designed especially to encrypt communications between German Army H.Q. in Berlin and the top generals in the field on all fronts, including a number signed by Hitler himself. Nicknamed 'Tunny', it was a much more complex machine than the better-known, and normally three-wheeled, Enigma.

Captain Roberts has declined many other invitations to speak publicly and so we are delighted that he has agreed to tell his story at UCL.