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UCL researchers to study overheating in London homes

15 June 2009


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  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • UCL researchers are offering Londoners the chance to gain a free Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their homes.

    Researchers from the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies are studying levels of summer overheating in the capital's housing stock as part of an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council-funded project.

    They want to examine the impact of climate change and the urban heat island phenomenon - where a metropolitan area is significantly warmer than what surrounds it - on indoor thermal comfort.

    Researcher Anna Mavrogianni said: "The main aim of the research is to develop a computer model for London that predicts local temperatures and environmental conditions."

    A team of researchers will give participants data loggers, small devices which measure temperature and humidity at regular intervals.

    Each data logger is about the size of a credit card, runs on its own battery and does not require any care during the whole monitoring period (June to September).

    At the end of the monitoring period, the team will visit participants' homes to collect the data loggers and go through a short questionnaire.

    An energy survey of your property will also be carried out during this visit, which will take about around 30 to 40 minutes.

    Participants will receive a free EPC for their home, produced by an accredited energy assessor, along with an associated report that will suggest improvements to make it more energy efficient.

    This would normally cost around £60 if carried out by a commercial company and is required by law if you are selling or renting your home.

    If you are interested in participating, please email Anna Mavrogianni or call 0207 679 1973 (internal: 41973) by Wednesday 17 June.