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UCL Bartlett voted best UK school of architecture - again

2 June 2009


UCL Bartlett School of Architecture bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/" target="_self">UCL Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Architects' Journal
  • The Architects' Journal has placed the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture as the best school in the UK - for the sixth consecutive year.

    In the journal's annual AJ100 poll of the UK's 100 largest architectural practices, the practices voted the UCL Bartlett the top architecture school in the UK. In its sixth year of taking first place, the Bartlett increased its commanding lead, garnering over one-third of the total votes cast, and nearly double the proportion of their nearest competitor.

    Professor Iain Borden, Director of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, said: "I'm delighted that the Bartlett has once again come top in the AJ100 poll. The school has a very extensive engagement with the architectural profession, either as employers, tutors of students, consultants or friends of the school. These results clearly confirm our strength and diversity."

    To find out more about the school and the poll, follow the links at the top of this article.


    UCL context

    British architectural education began at UCL in 1841, and since then the Bartlett School of Architecture has always been at the forefront of the international architectural debate. This is a reputation strengthened by the most recent period of its history, during which a cohort of highly innovative teachers, designers, researchers and students have created a new wave of different architectures.

    The school's current staff and students, as well as its graduates, are now all inextricably involved in the production of new buildings, designs, books and all manner of architectural outputs. This a school where people constantly design, invent, explore, write, draw, teach, speculate, theorise, film, map, critique, analyse and imagine.

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