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UCL podcast: Moon exploration 40 years on

16 July 2009


The proposed MoonLite mission to the Moon ucl.ac.uk/drupal/site_news/sites/news/files/moonlite.mp3" target="_self">UCL news podcast: Listen now (mp3 format)
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  • Professor Alan Smith on 'Give Me the MoonLITE' (04:35-13:37 minutes)
  • UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory

    In the midst of celebrations marking the first Moon landing 40 years ago, Professor Alan Smith, Head of the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, describes UCL's  involvement in MoonLite - a project that will employ the latest technologies,  to reveal much more about the origin of the moon, the earth and beyond.

    On BBC Radio 4's 'Give Me the MoonLITE', Professor Smith described the aims and design challenges of the penetrators that will embed MSSL-designed instruments up to three metres into the Moon to 'listen' to the repercussions of moonquakes and other seismic events in order to learn more about the interior of the Moon. To listen to the programme, follow the link at the top of this article.

    To hear more from the Mullard about the Moon, tune in to 'The One Show' on BBC1 on Friday 17 July at 7pm, when Research Fellow Lucie Green will be discussing the landings.


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