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Philippe Sands to assess likely shifts in US policy under President Obama

26 January 2009

Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) will assess the challenges, opportunities and prospects for President Obama in a free lecture at UCL on Tuesday 27 January.

Media representatives are welcome to attend.

Professor Sands is the author of Torture Team, the 2008 book investigating the origins and legality of the Bush administration's policies on torture. Professor Sands predicts that there will now be a "fundamental shift" in the US's approach under President Obama.

Professor Sands says: "Obama has broken with the Bush administration very decisively. He is going to shut down Guantanamo and is not going to allow the use of torture under any circumstances. He is also going to say the United States will comply with international standards of the definition of torture."

Notes for Editors

1. Media representatives are welcome to attend the lecture, however please note that it is likely to be very full, and admittance will be on the basis of first come first served. Please advise Dominique Fourniol in the UCL Media Relations office if you wish to attend.

2. Professor Sands will also be available on a limited basis for interview ahead of the lecture. Please contact the Media Relations office with any interview requests.