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Lecture: Telefónica O2 research chief

27 January 2009

Link: Rail industry leaders celebrate 200 years of passenger rail Dr Mike Short, Vice-President of Research and Development of Telefónica O2, is to outline the latest challenges in digital communications in a lecture at UCL on 16 March.

Dr Short, who is also Honorary President of the Mobile Data Association, will bring UCL students and academics up to speed with GSM mobile connectivity and will address the likely future challenges in bridging new digital divides.

Telefónica O2 is looking to build stronger links with UCL, particularly in areas such as Connected Healthcare, Digital Homes, Environmental Telematics and Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems.

The communications company sponsored a dinner hosted by Professor Nick Tyler last July to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Richard Trevithick's 'Catch me who can' steam railway running a loop in fields where UCL's Gower Street campus now stands.

Dr Short will deliver his lecture at 1pm on 16 March in the JZ Young Anatomy Lecture Theatre on Gower Street.

Academics and students from other disciplines who are interested in participating should contact Anna Clark, UCL Director of Business Partnerships. Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 9822 [internal 09822].