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UCL backs climate and health campaign

26 February 2009


Climate & Health Council climateandhealth.org/" target="_self">Climate & Health Council
  • UCL Institute for Global Health
  • UCL has signed up as an institutional member of the Climate & Health Council (CHC), the aim of which is to mobilise health professionals across the world to take action to limit climate change, a serious threat to human health.

    The campaign is aiming to guide the position of UK, European and other governments in post-Kyoto framework discussions in Copenhagen in November/December 2009, by getting 10,000 doctors and health professionals to sign up to the CHC's high-level pledge by the end of March.

    Professor Anthony Costello, Co-Director of the UCL Institute for Global Health and Chair of UCL-Lancet Commission on the Human Health Effects of Climate Change, said: "Climate change is potentially the biggest threat to global health in the 21st century. I urge health professionals within and beyond UCL to sign up personally to this pledge, in order to demonstrate to world leaders the severity of the situation and the need to act decisively and quickly."

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