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Adastral Park campus consultation

18 February 2009

On 17 February 2009 staff at UCL's Adastral Park Postgraduate Campus in Ipswich started a 30-day period of consultation on proposals to restructure UCL's activity at the site.

UCL remains committed to providing education and training at Adastral Park but a relocation of research activity to the main UCL Bloomsbury site has been proposed, with effect from June 1st 2009.

Adastral Park's academic staff would join the academic department that fits their research interests (either the Department of Computer Science or the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering), with researchers and PhD students joining the department of their principal investigator or supervisor respectively.

The exact configuration of the Departments is under discussion as part of the consultation, but the new arrangements would provide opportunities to extend and strengthen research collaborations within UCL and build on Adastral Park's achievements.