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UCL Academic Registrar is new Vice-Chair of Association of University Administrators

17 August 2009


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UCL Academic Registrar Christopher Hallas has been elected Vice-Chair of the Association of University Administrators (AUA).

Christopher Hallas said: "I am delighted to have been elected to take on this role within the professional body for higher education (HE) managers and administrators. For me this represents a fantastic opportunity to make a personal contribution to developing professionalism within HE leadership, management and administration, and to help progress the careers of our (approximately) 4,000 AUA members in the UK and worldwide.

"One of AUA's strengths is the expertise of our members, who represent the many and diverse areas of HE and share a commitment to developing professionalism in the sector. As the AUA develops I want to build connections, so all our members and potential members are engaged with us in our various activities in whichever way they prefer, so that we continue to build upon this strength."

The AUA is a member-led professional association. AUA membership can be a means of clearly identifying the individual practitioner with the culture, values and practices of a broader professional community, and enables individual members to enjoy a tangible benefits package of publications, networking opportunities and development events.

AUA Executive Director Alison Robinson said: "I congratulate Christopher on his new post within the AUA. He is a passionate advocate for our profession and will continue to contribute a huge amount to the Association. I look forward to working with him to further develop the organisation."

The AUA is governed by an elected Board of Trustees who have overall responsibility for the management of the Association's business.